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The application of forming fabrics in vacuum boxes

The pulp concentration is between 2 and 3%, and the dewatering capacity of the chopping board and the vacuum board is significantly reduced. The dewatering here must be done with a vacuum suction box with a vacuum ranging from 10 to 33 KPa.   When the net passed through the vacuum suction box, it began […]

Prevent damage to the forming fabrics

1.Ensure that the surface of the roller is always smooth enough; Release air at both ends of the roller (about 2.5cm from the vacuum area) so that there is no slurry deposit on the roller; -. Usually, deposits on the rollers are not visible, but can be felt by hand; Check the spray water filter: […]

Classification and characteristics of synthetic fiber forming fabrics.

Because of its soft material, synthetic fiber forming fabrics can be designed for many kinds of weaving. General forming fabrics in the world today, according to its structure can be roughly divided into single layer (single layer of woven) and multilayer (multilayer woven), multilayer includes double (double layer weave), three layer (triple layer weave), etc. Single layer forming fabrics can be divided […]

The end connector of mesh belt.

  The development status of mesh belt joints Polyester mesh belt is extremely versatile. It can be applied in mine transport metallurgy, food, and paper industry. It is also an important piece of equipment for sewage treatment in environmental protection.With the development of the chemical industry, the polyester mesh belt has better performance and is […]

How to use polyester dryer fabrics.

1.Application: Polyester dryer fabric is made of polyester monofilament weaving material, which is mainly used for drying paper products on paper machine. Polyester dryer fabrics according to the organization can be divided into plain dry net and pressure dry net.;according to the way of the joint is divided into two kinds of end joints and […]

About polyester forming fabric

1.Features 1.1 Long life, wear resistance, low consumption 1.2 High fatigue strength, acid resistance, weak alkali resistance 1.3 Light traces, good molding quality 1.4 Lightweight, easy to transport, easy to use 2.Selection 2.1 Type: It should be based on the use of plant equipment, processes, paper types, pulp and other conditions to choose the appropriate […]

Filter cloth deviation problem

Filter cloth deviation is a common problem of vacuum belt conveyor.The general belt conveyor will have a filter cloth deviation warning device and automatic correction device.Automatic corrective device is generally electric or pneumatic.Here we talk about pneumatic automatic correction device. The pneumatic correcting device is composed of a sensor, an air source distributor and an […]