Paper Machine Clothing

How to use polyester dryer fabrics.

Polyester dryer fabric is made of polyester monofilament weaving material, which is mainly used for drying paper products on paper machine.
Polyester dryer fabrics according to the organization can be divided into plain dry net and pressure dry net.;according to the way of the joint is divided into two kinds of end joints and endless joints。
2.1.The service life is more than three times that of canvas and dry carpet.
2.2.High strength, good toughness, abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance and stable dimension.
2.3.Smooth surface and good air permeability
2.4.Light weight, convenient transportation.
3.Method of use:
3.1.The original paper machines using canvas and dry blankets can use polyester webs without modification. If conditions are available, change the original score roller to flat roller and remove the original blanket cylinder.
3.2.The endless dry web is ring-shaped. Before the machine is starting up, the inner guide roller is first unloaded, the dry web is pulled open along the use position, the inner guide roller is installed, and the tension of the web is adjusted to 2-3 kg/cm2. Can start running。
3.3.The ends of the net are banded, and the ends of the net are connected by a spiral ring. When it is on the machine, it is introduced from one side. When the two ends of the head are connected, the connection line is penetrated from one side to the other side. When it is difficult to penetrate once, it can be segmented, but the connection line must not be cut off. Both ends of the cable must be snapped into the connector to prevent it from coming out.
4.Dry network repair, washing and precautions:
4.1.The two sides of dry net have two kinds of bonding methods:coating adhesive bonding and hot melt bonding.In the process of use, if the divergence phenomenon occurs, the loose end of the line can be cut off, and then the electric soldering iron can be fused to bond.
4.2.Nets can be sutured when they are in use due to a hard wound or other conditions that result in small holes, partial breakages, etc.
4.3.In the course of use, when a small hole, a partial break, etc. are caused by a fold, stitches can be sewn with thread.
4.4.When shutting down due to power outage or other reasons, immediately shut off the gas valve and relax the net to prevent local deformation and aging.
4.5.When there is local grease on the mesh surface, it can be scrubbed with gasoline or detergent and then rinsed with water.
4.6.In transportation, storage, installation, overhaul and operation, it should be kept away from open flame and high temperature to prevent dry network burning, aging, and to prevent friction with sharp objects, so as not to scratch the net body and reduce the service life.