Application of filter screen in Juice extraction press

Juice extraction is the core process of juice production, and the performance of the juicer directly affects and determines the quality and cost of the product. The belt juicer is one of the main models commonly used in large-scale production. Due to its simple structure, continuous work, high productivity, good versatility and low cost, it has been widely used in China in recent years.
Belt juicer is to use two circular mesh belt clamping fruit paste after bypass multistage range of pressing roller diameter, depending on the mesh belt tension and winding on the pressing roller outer net belt clip in the fruit paste pressure between the two net belt, squeeze out of juice. In order to overcome only by a disadvantage of low net belt tension produced by squeezing force, often in the last few level roller linear pressure roller, roller pressure phase and nip in two mesh belt in the middle of the fruit paste after pressing roller and pressure roller mesh area from outside net belt and the double pressure of pressure roller, than just rely on the mesh belt tension produced by squeezing force is several times higher. Type 6 dz1000 belt juicer juicing process embodies the belt roller pressure according to the characteristics of the squeeze force that partition operation, squeezing roller pressure high, wide adaptability, high rate of juice, pomace moisture content is low. Therefore, this kind of belt juicer can be used to crush apples, grapes and other materials, such as eucalyptus, apple pear and fresh ginger.

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