Paper Machine Clothing

Problems and Causes of Problems during the Use of Papermaking Machinery Forming Fabric

1.Mesh belt edge wear too fast:The vast majority of paper-making machinery is worn out at the joints with vacuum and no vacuum (10-15cm mesh edge).
Solution:1.Try to increase the width of the vacuum box opening.
2.Add atmospheric lubrication water to the edge of the real empty box.
3.Add a reinforcing rib to the appropriate position.
4.Check whether there are edges or gaps in the side wiper and the real empty box. In particular, the joints of the ceramic panels are weak.
5.Check whether there is serious wear on the edges of the rolls(After the roller wear, the diameter of the roll becomes smaller and the tension of the net is smaller than that of normal mesh, which further accelerates the wear.).
2.Overall wear:
1.The quality of the panel is unqualified.
2.The tension of the net is small, and the backhaul tension of the single-layer fabric is 3-4kg/cm, and the backhaul tension of the forming fabric is 5-6kg/cm.
3.Poor pulp quality.
4.The high air pereability of mesh causes the loss of pulp, and there are too many filler particles between the mesh and the real empty box panel, which will also speed up the overall wear of the mesh.
5.The low permeability of the mesh allows the vacuum to increase and the wear is accelerated.
6.The roller speed and the mesh speed are out of sync.
7.The speed of the mesh is not synchronized.
3.Local wear out too quickly:
whether the molding board, wiper board, vacuum box panel has the wrong stubble, uneven and the gap;
whether the rolls have local wear and corrosion.
4.Local bulge:
whether the molding board, wiper board, vacuum box panel has the wrong stubble, uneven and the gap;
chest roll vacuum roller whether there are solder joints and other protrusions, whether the rubber roller has impurities.
5.Guide roll wrapped slurry:
the cleaning water pressure is low, the mesh internal fiber is much;
the mesh air pereability is low;
there is a problem with the cleaning method. The two and half nets should clean the paper surface of the net, the nozzle is blocked, and the best distance between the nozzle and the net is 15-20cm.
6.The pulp in the vacuum box is too full:
Insufficient air permeability;
Short pulp fiber causes a lot of loss;
The retention agent has poor quality or little addition.
7.The mesh belt runs with a wide range of movement: The corrector is not working properly and the mesh is not straight.
8.The net becomes narrow after being used for a period of time:After running for a period of time, the line deflection (the local network operation is inconsistent) is due to the local wear of the molding board, the wiper board, the real empty box panel or the guide roller.
9.The comparison between the type D and the life of the previous mesh:D-type can effectively solve the two sides different of the paper, accelerate the dehydration and improve the speed, but the life of the forming fabric will decrease, the main reason is that the waterline is shortened and the wear speed is accelerated. Life expectancy is down by a third or even a half.

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