Paper Machine Clothing

About polyester forming fabric

1.1 Long life, wear resistance, low consumption
1.2 High fatigue strength, acid resistance, weak alkali resistance
1.3 Light traces, good molding quality
1.4 Lightweight, easy to transport, easy to use
2.1 Type: It should be based on the use of plant equipment, processes, paper types, pulp and other conditions to choose the appropriate type
2.2 Length: 0.5% elongation of the polyester forming fabric during use. When selecting the length, the shortest dimension that can be installed on the machine should be taken.
3.1 Before installing the mesh belt, check whether the equipment is in good condition.The parts that come in contact with the net are forbidden from unevenness, slanting, sharp hairs, sand, etc. The guide system must be flexible.
3.2 The direction of operation must be in accordance with the direction of the arrow on the mesh belt, place the mesh belt in the correct position, and the rollers are parallel to each other to prevent the nets from being deflected.
3.3 There should be a swinging high pressure water device that flushes the mesh belt. Medium and low speed paper machine water pressure is not less than 6-10kg/cm2, speed exceeds 350m/min, water pressure is not less than 10-15kg/cm2, when using multi-layer forming nets, water pressure requirements 15-30kg/cm2. Water should be clean and without sand.
3.4 When installing the mesh belt, first slightly tension the net, add water to lubricate and run. After the sizing, pay attention to adjust the tension of the net to the normal level, the tension of the low speed paper machine is kept at 3-4kg/cm2, and the tension of the medium and high speed paper is kept at 4-6kg/cm2.
4.1 At the beginning of operation, natural elongation will occur. During the first 1-2 days of operation, we must pay attention to adjust the tension of the mesh at any time to reach the standard, maintain the tension, and stabilize the mesh after 3 days of operation.
4.2 In the process of use, it is necessary to use high pressure water spray and clean the net in time, and turn off the high-pressure water in time when shutting down, so as not to damage the mesh.
4.3 When large area flushing, use 5% alkaline solution or 10% acidic solution, wash with a soft-bristle or nylon brush, and wash with water after washing.
4.4 When the machine is shut down for a long time, the mesh belt must be relaxed, and the suction system must be stopped. If you need to repair the paper machine in the middle of use, you should carefully retreat the mesh belt. When installing the mesh belt, it must be installed according to the original running direction.
5.1 Polyester mesh is made of high molecular organic material and should be stored in a dry environment at room temperature, avoid high temperature and humidity.In order to avoid mesh deformation, storage time should not be too long.
5.2 When the storage temperature is too high or too low, it should be stored in the production workshop for two to three days prior to use to avoid length dimensional changes.
6.1 When installing or removing, it is necessary to properly protect the mesh, and avoid creases caused by mesh belt damage and extrusion.
6.2 The mesh is strictly prohibited from dry grinding, or ditch or slip due to inappropriate tension.
6.3 The mesh is strictly prohibited from turning over, otherwise it will wear out quickly.
6.4 Do not flush the mesh with high temperature steam or brush with a metal brush.
6.5 Fireworks and high temperatures are strictly prohibited.

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