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The end connector of mesh belt.


  1. The development status of mesh belt joints

Polyester mesh belt is extremely versatile. It can be applied in mine transport metallurgy, food, and paper industry. It is also an important piece of equipment for sewage treatment in environmental protection.With the development of the chemical industry, the polyester mesh belt has better performance and is an ideal supporting product for some industrial upgrading. According to the actual needs of the work, mesh belts are generally divided into end connectors and endless connectors. However, endless joints require complex mechanical structures, and it takes a long time to install the online machine, the development trend is mostly end connectors. Therefore, research on the structure of end connector and the use of materials is necessary. It was originally used with the same wire as the mesh (for example, nylon) to make the flat (ellipsoid section) spiral connection ring. The latter is made of stainless steel wire and made of the same form, both of which are woven by hand in the end of the net. When the machine is installed, just take the mesh belt across the drive roller. For a good link, insert the thread into the thread. This eliminates some of the disadvantages of the endless connector mesh belt, which is easy to install and reduce labor intensity. The benefits of efficiency. However, they are prone to early damage, and their short service life (ie, low strength) is the fatal weakness of such joints. Test data show. The tensile strength of such joints is reduced by more than one third compared to mesh belts. and so. A net with thousands of dollars. Some serious problems with connector damage occurred in just over one hour. For spiral processing, high temperature setting surface is required to reduce the strength, what is more noteworthy is the failure of the screw joint observed from the experiment: when a line is broken somewhere, the entire helix is pulled out of the thread. This is also the case in production. The mesh belt immediately loses its ability to work. New network belt. This affects the timely completion of production tasks and damages the reputation and benefits of the manufacturers.

  1. Development of new connector.

With the rapid development of China’s economic construction and the increasingly prominent environmental protection of the city, the crucial link of mesh belt joints should be able to be reformed and improved in strength. This has become an urgent practical problem to be solved. In view of the above-mentioned joint damage characteristics and the reasons for the strength reduction, a comprehensive analysis should be carried out to consider the joint structure shape, manufacturing process and dimensions, etc., to develop a high-strength joint. In the investigation and study of various types of mesh belt joint structure and materials used at home and abroad, trial and trial trials were repeated to design a new type of more ideal net with terminal joint structure. Stainless steel wire was used to make the steel buckle without heating. The performance of raw materials, each steel buckle is independently bound at the end of the mesh belt. Even if individual steel buckles are damaged – they can continue to work. This shows their advantages: the shape and size change, the steel buckles on each side are different from each other, and are set on 3 to 5 wefts in a positive and negative manner, so that the steel buckles The force is absorbed by the two cross-sections of the mesh belt to improve the stress state; the strands are coated to achieve a smooth transition of the mesh belt ends and the positioning of the steel buckles, which enhances the firm connection between the mesh belt and the steel buckle. These process effective measures. All contribute to the improvement of joint strength.

  1. Steel buckle production and binding

The steel buckles are made by the designed machine. Because of the different mechanical properties of different grades of materials, their molds should be different. The mold requires high strength, good abrasion resistance material processing, and requires heat treatment to increase the hardness, not easy to wear. The precision of the core groove of the binding tool is very high. In the binding process of the steel buckle, the direction of component force of deformation is not allowed to be zero, so as to ensure that the steel buckle is set along the desired direction. The steel buckle of different specifications should be Corresponding to the core slot. In order to further improve the binding quality of the joints, there are many advantages to grinding the tip of the steel buckle into a wedge shape: the steel buckle is easily bound, the mesh belt is less damaged, the mesh belt joint strength is further improved, the bound end of the mesh belt is relatively smooth, and the transmission is more stable. Small mutual wear, is conducive to extend the life of the mesh belt, but the specific test data should also be identified.

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