forming fabric

How to make the forming fabrics long work life.

  1. The elements of the Fourdrinier paper machine network must be accurately lined up and in good mechanical condition;

– All water filter elements must be fastened and at the same height.

– Checking tension roller and automatic tensioning device cannot bounce.

  1. Poor cleaning of the case and poor routine maintenance are one of the main reasons for the shortened lifespan of the network.
  • Make sure there is no fiber accumulation to form the pulp and fall into the inner part of the forming network.
  • Keep the scraper in good condition.

– Prevent the accumulation of pulp on the guide roller and chest roll.

– The first outer roller is crucial to prevent the net from being damaged by pulp lump.

– The squeegee Angle (about 25~30 degrees) is very important for ensuring the proper scraping but no scratching and no jumping.

– The scraper load must be tested repeatedly, but it must be avoided overload.

– Swinging is a good warning for any and all scraper.

– Always check the chest roller scraper to avoid causing the net mark or the chest roller with too much water.

  • Check water tray holes, rusted bolts, or spray valves.
  1. Remove abrasive fillers such as calcium sulfate.
  2. Check the net’s trajectory, calibration, tension, load and slip.

– Ensure the horizontal tension of the paper machine is uniform.

– Do not run the forming fabric in too loose state.

  1. Maintain spray water temperature and pH consistent with slurry.

– Ensure that the spray water pipes on both sides are not blocked.

  1. Low coefficient of friction on the upper surface of the vacuum suction box.

– Check whether the upper surface of the vacuum suction box is flat.

  1. Reduce the quantity of vacuum suction tank and enlarge the opening.

– Reduce the degree of vacuum to prevent the forming fabric from stucking or blocking on the vacuum suction box.

  1. Remove pulp coarse sand (centrifugal cleaner).

– Check whether there are scratches and burrs on the surface of the forming board, the surface of the vacuum suction box and the cutting board.

  1. Use of network life extender (net cleaning agent).
  2. Due to the appropriate rich traction to ensure that the net is not sliding in the chest roller.
  3. Operates at the lowest minimum vacuum suction tank of the operating procedures.

– Ensure that the water can freely enter the water seal groove from the suction box.

  1. Check the installation of the forming plate to ensure that there is enough room for a uniform, minimal chest roll drainage.
  2. Check the cleaning of the roller system.

– Check scraper, scraper load, spray water, bearings and excessive spray water pressure.

  1. Check the wear bars of the edging device or flow slurry tank cheek to determine if the installation is too low.
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