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Application of filter screen in Juice extraction press

Juice extraction is the core process of juice production, and the performance of the juicer directly affects and determines the quality and cost of the product. The belt juicer is one of the main models commonly used in large-scale production. Due to its simple structure, continuous work, high productivity, good versatility and low cost, it […]

Top pulp on paper machine clothing

The main reason for the top pulp of the fabrics is the local wear of the belt. I have checked the worn area with a magnifying glass, and the worn surface is flat after a period of time, and is relatively smooth. The solution can be considered from the following aspects: Select a mesh made […]

Paper machine clothing prone to paper disease.

The paper machine clothing is the key part of the forming of wet paper, and also the source of many paper diseases. The common paper diseases of the network include the following aspects: 1.The sloshing of the net department and the sloshing of the net edge are one of the main causes of paper disease. […]

How to make the forming fabrics long work life.

The elements of the Fourdrinier paper machine network must be accurately lined up and in good mechanical condition; – All water filter elements must be fastened and at the same height. – Checking tension roller and automatic tensioning device cannot bounce. Poor cleaning of the case and poor routine maintenance are one of the main […]

How to solve wire mark paper disease?

By adjusting the lip orifice in the direction of the weir plate, reduce the leakage of the chest roller. If possible, change the bending of the lip of the weir plate to make the extruded slurry fall further away from the forming network. For dehydration slow slurry, reduce the fine grinding. Gradually increase the vacuum […]