paper machine clothing

Top pulp on paper machine clothing

The main reason for the top pulp of the fabrics is the local wear of the belt. I have checked the worn area with a magnifying glass, and the worn surface is flat after a period of time, and is relatively smooth.

The solution can be considered from the following aspects:

  1. Select a mesh made by a large manufacturer with good quality, and it is better to require that warp monofilamens are imported and wear resistant.
  2. Use the imported ceramic panels, such as dehydration board and vacuum box panels, have low friction coefficient and less wear to the network;
  3. In the production process, the control vacuum degree is appropriate, and the tension degree of the net is appropriate;
  4. Select filler with small particle size and large mesh size, and strengthen the cleaning of network;
  5. Use good chemicals to improve the retention rate of fillers, reduce the loss of small fibers, and reduce the wear of the mesh belt.
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