Paper Machine Clothing
Paper Machine Clothing
Paper Machine Clothing
forming fabric


The Core Business: Paper machine clothing(forming fabrics, dryer fabrics), non woven mesh belt, antistatic fabrics, filter belts,  nonwoven machinery, spunlace nonwoven fabric, which are widely used in paper making( forming, pressing,drying), paper pulp, nonwoven fabrics, Sludge dewatering treatment, mining tailing disposal,foodstuffs and mining conveyor belt,fruit juice squeeze, power plant desulfurization filter, wood processing, MDF board/OSB/HDF/Partical board making etc.

Henan Beynost Textile Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the biggest textile technology products supplier in China and have more than 800 customers all over the world, through focusing on the international market and demands ,more than 50% of products are exported to all over the world to meet the specific requirements of different customers.

Paper machine clothing

The paper machine clothing(PMC) is customized fabrics and belt, usually used in entire paper and board machine for paper forming, dewatering, drying,and transport the paper sheet through paper machine, as a leader of textile technology,Benost offers high quality fabrics and belts for entire pulp, paper, board and tissue making line to improve paper making process performance,Benost continue develop new design fabrics and belt for paper making industries to reduce production operation cost, our fabrics and belts usually serve: kraft paper,Newsprint, Testliner ,Corrugator ,wrapping paper, tissue paper, cultural paper, and so on paper mill.

Filter Belt

Filter belts from Benost are made of Polyester monofilament, with stainless steel clipper seam and spiral seam, include Sludge dewatering fabric, Mining filter fabrics,Desulfurization filter fabrics, polyester filter fabrics are mainly used for sludge dewatering, filtering and sparating, pressing.
Benost offers the right belts for mining/raw material, dertilizers,sludge treatment, chemical,Flue gas desulphurization industries, the belts have good running stability, optimized air permeability, and easy cleaning properties, the optimum structure and release design could make the belts work long time.

Nonwoven mesh belt

Benost offers a range of conveyor mesh belts for nonwoven fabrics manufacturer, using innovative technologies and engineers teams provides optimum belts for every line configuration in every global market, suitable for Spunbond / Meltblown, Spunlace, Hot air, Airlaid, Wetlaid nonwoven production line in forming and transport application, the belts made of PET or metal material, quality stable, anti-hydrolysis, anti-pollution, customized seam joints according to belt types, that ensure the belt work high performance, Benost continuous improvement and innovative mesh belts are focused on helping our customers reduce operating cost, improve product quality.

Anti-static fabrics

Anti-static fabrics are made of polyester monofilament and conductive wire in warp and weft,electrostatic charges discharged by conductive carbon fiber, avoid Static electricity damage to the products.
The conveyor belts made of anti-static fabrics usually used in airlaid, spunlaid, wetlaid and drylaid nonwoven forming technologies.
Antistatic fabrics have a widely application, such as spunbond, meltblown, card and wetlaid nonwovens,wood processing (MDF board, fiberboard).
The black conductive wire would ensure reliable electrostatic discharge to keep products stable quality.

Spunlace nonwoven machine

Benost has devoted more than 20 years to the research and development of nonwoven machine, accumulated a variety of processes and specifications of the type of spunlace nonwoven production line configuration, Benost have a professional equipment research and development department, with a strong process design and debugging capabilitie, Benost is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of intelligent equipment for personalized development and customized production, supplying open, blending, carding, web laying, drafting, spunlace, drying, winding and full set of spunlace production lines, accumulation of technology provides strong technical support for nonwoven fabric manufacturers.

Spunlace nonwoven fabric

Spunlace nonwoven fabric is a new generation of environmentally-friendly materials that are breathable, flexible, non-combustible, non-toxic, non-irritating, and colorful, Benost mainly produces a variety of functional spunlace nonwoven fabrics, such as medical and health products, wipes, decorative materials, and clothing linings, which can be dyed, hardened, hydrophilic and oil absorption, repellent water and oil,anti-oxidant, antistatic , flame retardant treatment, the development direction of nonwoven fabrics is to replace textiles and knitwear, Spunlace nonwoven fabrics have become the most potential areas for competition with the textile market because of their most textile-like features, excellent physical properties, and low prices.


As a leading global manufacturer and developer of textile products, and complete raw material global supply chain system,Benost offers a wide range of mesh and solutation for processes and applications , Customers all over the world use our mesh and customized solutions to dewater, press, filter, separate, forming, dry, cool or freeze products , the forming fabrics could match to 0-2000m/min line, covering papermaking and nonwovens, Our world-class technology and experienced Applications Engineering teams, help our customers improve their performance and productivity by innovative forming fabrics, dryering fabrics, filter belts, we would continues develop and provide solutions to optimize the performance of paper making production, and reduce cost.

Common Questions

The paper making fabrics surface wear too fast

The quality of the panel is unqualified or poor pulp quality,the high air pereability of mesh causes the loss of pulp, and there are too many filler particles between the mesh and the real empty box panel, which will also speed up the overall wear of the mesh, the low permeability of the mesh allows the vacuum to increase and the wear is accelerated.

Guide roll wrapped slurry

The cleaning water pressure is low, the mesh internal fiber is much.
the mesh air pereability is low.
there is a problem with the cleaning method. The two and half nets should clean the paper surface of the net, the nozzle is blocked, and the best distance between the nozzle and the net is 15-20cm.

The pulp in the vacuum box is too full

Insufficient air permeability.
Short pulp fiber causes a lot of loss.
The retention agent has poor quality or little addition.

The comparison between the type D and the life of the previous mesh

D-type can effectively solve the two sides different of the paper, accelerate the dehydration and improve the speed, but the life of the forming fabric will decrease, the main reason is that the waterline is shortened and the wear speed is accelerated. Life expectancy is down by a third or even a half.


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